2021/2022 m. rudens/žiemos tendencijos

2021/2022 autumn / winter trends

Every season is special, as is every moment that never fades from memory and stays with us for a long time.

The world of perfume is unique because it not only adds magic to moments but also freezes memories. For the autumn/winter season 2021/2022, we are not saying goodbye to summer irrevocably, but rather making sense of its joy, freshness and lightness in the elegant JFenzi products! On cold days, we'll wrap ourselves in warmth and sweetness again and stir up our emotions with the warm and warming fragrance offers.

Autumn and winter are a great time to look back on the past summer.

In our perfumes, you'll discover fruity and floral compositions that will give you energy and a positive mood with their lightness. With our summer-inspired perfumes, it's easy to be transported back to holiday memories, happy moments and travel adventures. It will be full of floral, citrus notes and light compositions. For the autumn-winter season, we'll bet on warm memories and vibrant scents that encourage you to act and embrace the sun.

There will also be sensual, emotion-provoking offerings, with a palette of stronger scents to complement the trends of the coming season.

For autumn/winter 2021/2022, summer lightness will be contrasted with sensual, deep and intense notes. The perfume collection will be dominated by offerings dedicated to sensuality and carnality, which are as non-obvious as human emotions. Autumn and winter are times of deep experience, so sensual and sweet fragrances will be combined with fresh, fruity tones. There will be notes of vanilla and aniseed, accompanied by spices and oriental compositions. White flowers will add softness and woody components such as cedar and sandalwood will add intensity.

The coming autumn and winter will be unforgettable in the world of perfume, a time when summer memories will warm up winter evenings and sensual fragrances will create unforgettable experiences.


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