Kaip pasirinkti kvepalus pavasariui ?

How to choose a perfume for spring ?

Finally! The sun comes out and the world of nature is reborn. This is definitely not the time to use the same perfume you used in winter. Change your perfume with the seasons and enjoy the heady delights of spring. What are the right notes for spring? Read our recommendations carefully so that your perfume brings out the best in you!


Finding fragrances for the changing seasons: we say YES!

Our perfume should reflect the way our tastes and moods change constantly throughout the year. Each season, choose a new perfume that reveals who you are without revealing too much. Spring is the perfect time to show the sweet but seductive side of your personality.

This is the season to say goodbye to winter fragrances and choose more suitable scents. Spring is all about blending in with nature: choose light, flirty fragrances!

Which notes are suitable for spring?


Focus on floral notes.

It's no surprise that floral notes are perfect for spring perfumes. We love the accords of rose, frangipani, marigold and jasmine, combined with woods and musk. Looking for a floral perfume that is elegant but simple? Try a soliflore perfume with just one floral note. Feel as fresh as the sun!


Choose a light perfume

To enjoy beautiful sunny days, choose a light perfume. We are big fans of fragrances with citrus notes (grapefruit, green mandarin) as they are cooling and refreshing and green tea is energising.


Choose gourmand fragrances

Spring is undoubtedly the perfect time to smell of savoury fragrances. If you want a deliciously sweet scent, choose perfumes with fruity accords, combining notes of peach, plum and blackcurrant for a truly unique effect: don't say we didn't tell you!


Get away from it all

In the spring, the temperature starts to rise, so you want sunny scents. Even though summer hasn't started yet, we're already crazy about exotic scents: ylang-ylang, orange blossom and Tahitian gardenias are all perfect for walks in the sun.

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