Kvapų kategorijos - eterinės grupės

Fragrance categories - etheric groups

Choosing the right perfume is a very individual process, some would even say an intimate one.

A well-chosen perfume will blend in with the owner, complementing his/her image and emphasising his/her personality. The scent, like clothes, defines a person and allows you to get to know him/her better. Before choosing the perfect perfume, it is worth familiarising yourself with the fragrance categories so that you can choose your favourite compositions and enter the world of perfume more confidently.


So let's get to work!


Fruity perfumes

Juicy, fresh, fruity scents, often combined with floral scents. Depending on the predominant fruit, they can be sweet or spicy (especially with spices).

Citrus perfumes

They just smell like summer and travel! Citrus fruits give you energy and invigoration. Mandarins, limes, oranges or grapefruits play a key role here.

Water perfumes

These are compositions that evoke memories of trips to the seaside. Their lightness is associated with the fresh breeze of the sea. They seem hard to reach and are perfect for the warm season.

Oriental perfumes

The East is fascinating with its colour and magic! It’s a perfume you can’t remain indifferent to. Sandalwood, vanilla, musk or incense scents intrigue and arouse interest.

Luxury perfumes

Scents you can love or hate. Strong, heavy, deep. Created with oak, sage, bergamot and resin notes. When choosing a fragrance from this group of scents, we have to remember that it will not be a perfume for every occasion.

Fern perfumes

The scent of a forest in a bottle - that's one sentence to describe this type of perfume. Herbal and woody scents predominate, while tobacco and turmeric also appear.

Aldehyde perfumes

Fragrances that are not mild at all, but rather spicy, intense and heavy.

Whatever your preference, it's worth remembering that perfume is your second nature. A bad match to the person and the occasion can create a completely different image to the one we want to achieve. Meanwhile, a well-chosen perfume is a secret weapon that will help you conquer the world!

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